Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Teach me and I will forget, show me and I will learn, involve me and I will understand.” The strength of a student’s ability to retain, relate and recreate begins with the conviction and passion of the teacher.

Margaret Boersma is committed to transforming the education system and has dedicated herself to developing our future generation of leaders.

MB Creative Educational Consulting is based on a foundation of inquiry-based, experiential learning, integrating the arts authentically with multiple curriculum expectations/standards.  This holistic approach to learning addresses the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each student.

Through Margaret Boersma’s coaching, consulting and workshops, you will find yourself exploding with possibility and reaching that part of you that connects you to the uniqueness of each of the precious lives you educate.

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“To the world you may just be a teacher, yet to your students you are their hero.” Author unknown

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Articles for Educators:

Modern Learning is… Bringing Learning to Life!

“Effective education is always a balance between rigor and freedom, tradition and innovation, the individual and the group, theory and practice, the inner world and the outer world.” – Sir Ken Robinson Modern Learning is mostlyRead More...
By : admin | Nov 9, 2016

Mental Health for Teachers is Essential for Students

As a teacher, my office was often in the centre of the school.  I regularly got visits from colleagues who were stressed. “I am doing everything I can with the situation I have been given andRead More...
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Communication – The Key to Making A Difference

Communication– the Key to Making a Difference What would the world be like if we all know we have everything we need to make a real difference in the world? Would there be wars? Would thereRead More...
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What are my Strengths?

“Ms Boersma, come watch our dance! It is really coming together!” Boys in a grade 8 class work in a group of 6 creating a dance on power and oppression, part of a social justice themeRead More...
By : admin | Dec 30, 2015