inspirational-quotes-for-teachers“Today you lead the school and tomorrow your students will lead the world.”

Margaret Boersma’s workshops are designed to address curriculum expectations/standards integrating a number of curriculum areas with a single theme.

Starting with a provocation such as a story, the environment, another subject area, a character, music or visual art piece, educators experience learning through inquiry and discovery while having lots of fun.  The magnitude of the lessons leaves the room filled with inspiring notes of inquiry, self expression and freedom. The quality and depths of discussions and writing is profound!

These signature workshops transform the way each of your students will embrace their own identity and their ability to learn.  Teachers are empowered to duplicate how effective these lessons are and bring the strategies into their classroom. The results are reflected in a renewed sense of self-confidence, engagement and achievement.

Evidence of learning will be obvious, as your students will articulately express themselves through their emotions, conversations and other literacies.

Click on the drop down menu for samples of specific workshops with brief descriptions.  Workshops are created and tailored to the specific needs of each school or conference.  Contact Margaret to reserve your professional development time.