Perspectives Training

margaret perspectivesYour Perspective…Your Story…Your  Vision…Your Classroom!

How do your life views and vision for your future, impact how you teach in the classroom?

Perspectives Training is an innovative methodology, created by Margaret Boersma, to transform the relationship between the curriculum, and how our students relate to what is expected of them.

Inside the classroom, a teacher provides the students with a task to complete. Some students embrace the request naturally, others adapt to the expectation, and others are confronted with doubt. Imagine, every student empowered by your teaching. Margaret is your guide to being the hero to your students, filling them with confidence and igniting that spark that propels them forward. Imagine your class or school buzzing with excited learners who are curious, confident and self-expressed.

Perspective Training is an instrument to bridge the gap between the diversity of students and ensures every student is actively engaged, resulting in deep comprehension, problem-solving, creating goals and seeing possibilities.

Margaret Boersma Creative Educational Consulting services is your missing link to capturing the results you want. Stay tuned for this program allowing you to earn a certificate in Perspective Training.

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