Connection is Everything – Building a Culture of Connectedness Part 1 of 2

Connection is Everything – Building a Culture of Connectedness Part 1 of 2

In the same way that the soil has to be rich and fertile to grow strong, healthy plants, so do the relationships in students’ lives need to be fertile to raise strong, contributing human beings in society.
It is critical to have relationships that work inside and outside of school. Administrators and teachers, caretakers and teachers, caretakers and students, parents and staff are all critical for nurturing young minds and setting examples.
Mirror neurons, in the minds of our students, are noticing all interactions and students are mimicking what they see. Children do not just mimic what they see on the media or on their devices but what they see adults doing and saying. They also mimic our way of being. We are their role models. As adults inside a school, most children see more of us than of their families in the run of a day. So, our role modeling is critical!
Children are also inventing what they don’t see but need to see modeled such as restoring hard feelings. We all have experienced hard feelings inside a relationship. And we need to model for children how we restore those relationships.
I can imagine the moments teachers spend problem solving recess feuds would be a lot less with a few simple but life-changing tools.
“Make it Right Formula”

It is best for these social and emotional skills to be learned in a workshop. For example, in our workshops, with the “Make it Right” formula, participants learn four steps to powerfully restore relationships that are not working as well as they could be. Weather they are caused from a simple misunderstanding, an intentional or unintentional comment, a slight or something more severe such as public humiliation, this formula works.

For students this might involve bullying, humiliating, alienating, fighting, tattling and more. Recently, a grade 3 student learning the “Make it Right Formula” said, “You mean we can be friends again after making a mistake?” This is revolutionary work both for children and adults!
If you are interested in learning simple but radical ways to restore relationships and bring down emotional states, as well as an approach to teach your students essential social and emotional skills, email or call us today. Let’s see if a workshop is right for your staff or for your students.
Transform your school with a couple of simple but powerful social/emotional strategies! Email: or call 647 881-6958.


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