“Urban Day Retreat – Shift Your Stress”

“Urban Day Retreat – Shift Your Stress”

The new year is a great time to make new goals and action plans to achieve them.Take a day to set yourself up powerfully. Leave with strategies to increase your energy, have relationships work and know which foods to eat and avoid. Take part in a fun and uplifting,one-day Urban Day Retreat to learn practical ways of reducing stress and be able to fulfill on your goals. Carrie Rubel Marise Foster and myself, Margaret Boersma, are coming together as experts in the field of well being to bring you an empowering retreat. You will leave with simple and concrete strategies that will energize and enable you to consciously choose moment by moment, creating your life by design with stress resilience. We have postponed this retreat so you can attend once the fall routines are established. Saturday, November 3rd is our new date. Click here for the flyer.

As teachers, we are always juggling many projects and tasks at the same time. We often find ourselves stressed with a barrage of things to do while keeping multiple balls in the air at school and at home all at the same time. It can occur as painful and exhausting!

Imagine a year where students independently solve relationships, after your amazing lessons on how to do that, students are excited about their schoolwork and your class is buzzing with focused workers creatively collaborating.

Now is your opportunity. “Shift your Stress” in our “Urban Day Retreat” which will give you the tools you need. Come for a fun day filled with practical strategies on how to regulate your stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Then teach your students. Your year will be set up powerfully.

Attached is the flyer for the Urban Day  Retreat. Kick-start your new school year. And invite a guest as this retreat is for all busy professionals interested in stress resilience.
As a teacher, you are always giving. As a giver, you must renew yourself regularly in order to have something to give. Have energy left for what is most important, namely, your family and yourself. Sign up now for your retreat. Click here, then put it in your calendar. We look forward to seeing you energized, optimistic and empowered.

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