Well-Being: How Do We Grow a Community of Wellness? Part 2 of 3

Well-Being: How Do We Grow a Community of Wellness? Will it Take a Transformation in Education? Part 2 of 3

Educators Discuss Health and Wellness at School

VoicEd Radio is a Canadian based, international radio station dedicated to educators. This particular podcast is “OnEdMentors.” On this podcast, passionate educators connect weekly with teacher candidates, address their questions and explore their perspectives as they prepare to enter the profession. Lots of practical ideas were shared to support teachers with mental wellness. I invite you to listen here.

Structure for Implementing Well-Being

Allow me to indulge you in a vision. Why not have leaders in social and emotional learning leverage school-wide cultural change. Each community could have an educational consultant with an expertise in social and emotional skills, based in the school. That person could also work inside the community creating a movement for community-wide cultural wellness. The school would be the hub of the community with experts offering training. The training would be for students and for adults at the school and in the community i.e. leaders of businesses, organizations and parents.

Before long, people listen to each other and communicate their listening to the speaker; no more emotional reactions; only generated responses. Imagine people having the tools to lower the stress thermometer when others come to them upset. And once the stress is lowered, only then can problem solving really begin. Wellness everywhere!

A Culture of Well-being Right Now

Create a climate of acceptance, compassion and problem solving. Build healthy
relationships inside the school, teachers with students, teachers with teachers,
administrators with teachers, caretakers with students. At the Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) conference in Saskatoon, the metaphor was healthy relationships
create the fertile ground needed to grow healthy students. Do this and your students
can soar. Your staff will feel energized while they work together as a powerful team to
achieve your collective goals!

Creating healthy working relationships requires skill in social and emotional realms. If
you would like a workshop in specific strategies you can implement right away with staff and with your students, have a look at Part 1 “Trust and Perspective” of a workshop series called, “SmArts of Well-Being.” You can find the workshop description under Cross-Curricular Workshops at www.margaretboersma.com Also, download a story that transforms with strategies to internalize the learning. That is found on the home page at www.margaretboersma.com

I welcome your comments and thoughts. If you are interested in forming a team to
forward the ideas in this blog, let’s talk. You can email me at

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