“The best teachers teach from the heart, not from a book”

Margaret Boersma has had the profound privilege to work with hundreds of teachers and students.  Below is a list of testimonials that demonstrate her love for what she does.

“Over the years, I have watched Margaret inspire students and teachers with her passion, enthusiasm, and expertise for learning through dance and drama. I met Margaret in the early 1990’s at the Council of Drama/Dance Educators in Ontario where I was leading a special interest group on Process Drama and the Adolescent Brain.  At the time, neuroscientific research on the role emotions play in learning and memory was relatively new to most educators and teaching artists.  Margaret was keenly interested in brain research as it related to her work and our discussions initiated a long-term professional relationship. Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and confidence to her work coupled with an eagerness to learn and openness to others ideas.  I had the pleasure of co-presenting with her at The Council of Drama/Dance Educators in both Vancouver and Ontario and the IDEA conference in Hong Kong.  Our sessions provided the neuroscientific platform that supports the methodology, and a compelling context/story whereby the content and skills were embedded and learned through dramatic strategies.  Margaret’s ability to design and integrate organic dance/movement techniques into the flow of the drama provided a magical quality and enriched the value of the experience.  She empowers, participants gently by coaxing, modeling and engaging the group to build their skills and confidence to take on more challenging tasks.  Margaret has proven to be reliable, organized, and well-prepared for everything that I have seen her do”. 

-Dr. Sherry J Kerr  – Arts Integration Specialist  – Center for Research on Creativity

“The real joy came from watching our students in action.  They were joyful and fully engaged in their learning; and what flowed out of their pens after those experiences, as reported by their teachers, was truly rich, meaningful and authentic writing.  Oh, the power of the arts and the reciprocal nature of reading, experiencing and writing!”

-Yana Ioffe, Principal

“Margaret is a dynamic workshop facilitator and coach who creates a safe, non-threatening environment for all. She takes complex themes and guides learners to explore these in a creative, collaborative way. As a colleague in our Board’s Arts Leadership Team, I have seen Margaret do this with children of all ages and with educators of a wide range of experience and comfort levels. Teachers leave feeling joyful, brimming with ideas to deliver and assess curriculum in new ways, and equipped with tools to gain deeper insights into their students’ learning.” 

-Cindy Sisti, Teacher

“A workshop with Margaret is an enriched experience for both students and educators. She engages participants with a variety of meaningful resources and tasks and guides them through the creative process by helping to enlighten them to the power of their own thinking and how to express their thoughts in interesting ways.  My students always receive accolades for the presentations they create following a session with her. Margaret’s commitment to the arts is enhanced by the literacy connections she makes which is beneficial to any classroom environment.”

-Kim Evans-Milak- Teacher

“What a pleasure it was to work with Margaret Boersma at the 2015 Association for Theater in Higher Education Conference, and watch her use process drama strategies to make a difference for university theater professors!  Her knowledge of theatre activities that enhance the creation of character in depth is extensive, and her demonstration of these skills was inclusive and inspiring.  Margaret’s workshop was professional and organized, and it just seemed to flow as she connected performance arts to educational experiences.”

-Marjorie Gaines MFA. Adjunct Professor of Theatre. Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication. California State University, Northridge

“So….over the years…I have EVERY year told my athletes to “give back.”  I hope that you have taken that to heart (and I know most of you have!!)…and please know that my advice is because of the influence of my amazing coach Margaret.”
-Nadine Brown, Teacher, Cheerleading Coach (previous gymnast coached by Margaret)

I invited Margaret to my Intermediate Drama Additional Qualifications class at York University in June 2014. I wanted her to model the use of drama and movement related to a social justice theme. Margaret chose to share her unit: “Poverty at Home” which deals with issues related to being homeless and on the streets. Margaret’s work had a real impact on my students. They were fully engaged both in their heads and with their hearts. Margaret’s work as teacher-in-role provided the students with a powerful example of how to use this strategy effectively with students. Several of the students chose to continue their exploration of this topic in their culminating project. All in all her work was sensitive, thoughtful and creative and I would invite her back in a heartbeat.

-Jane Deluzio, Arts Educator

Today I attended Margaret Boersma’s workshop at Annunciation CS.  While I recognized some of the drama techniques (such as tableau) from teacher’s college, what blew me away was Margaret’s ability to bring the stories to life – her radiant smile and energy literally lit up the room – and I could tell the students were infected with enthusiasm and engaged the entire time (they were moving and using their bodies the whole afternoon).  The story Margaret used was so perfectly chosen: it was an excellent tool to teach real human values and character education – something that students are wanting and needing so much these days, something they can’t do without.  Margaret clearly teaches with integrity, passion and expertise in drama and literacy.

-Marni Levitt B.A.(Hons.), OCT, RYT Founder Move-N-Music, Arts & Wellness Educator, Animator, Speaker

Annunciation Catholic School had a very valuable drama teacher –Margaret Boersma – presentation over a series of days for our Grade 4 students.  The program focused on building self-esteem, and encouraged students to be reflective, inquiring, and empathetic with one another.  Activities made very valuable Christian faith-based connections.

-Vernon Sweeney, Principal, Annunciation Catholic School