Poverty Among Us – Brain-compatible strategies we can use to engage our students?

Poverty Amongst Us – Brain-compatible strategies we can use to engage our students?

What brain compatible strategies can we use to engage our students? And, how can we teach our students to care for the needy?

Workshop Description:
Children in our class are hungry. Learn how to reach our needy students with targeted strategies. Using literacy sources such as story, poems and media, explore the issues of child poverty and homelessness through the power of experiential learning. Learn practical strategies for reaching our needy students. Also explore a unit of student work with the inquiry, “What is my role when others are in need?” Build awareness among your students in the struggle for equity and inspire a move towards social activism. Through poetry and active literacy strategies such as role-play, writing in role and conducting voices, participants explore the topic layering their knowledge and experience as they create advocacy pieces for others. Handout provided.

Key Messages:

  1. Teachers can expedite growth with specific strategies
  2. Student voices matter
  3. Students can make a difference to the disadvantaged in our community
  4. Students are creative in expressing themselves

Major Benefits:

  • Empower teachers with specific strategies to improve student growth
  • Empower children to express themselves
  • Empower children to take a stand
  • Empower the next generation to make a difference
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