Us and Them

Inquiry Question: What causes war? At what point could we have gone in a better direction?

Workshop Description: 
Through this powerful work on diversity and equity, students of grades 7 and 8, live inside a story (using multiple role play strategies) and together they go on a journey of twists and turns which teach real life lessons without the real life consequences.  They discover there really is no difference between “us” and “them.”  We have much in common with others and must find ways to appreciate and value what others have to offer knowing we will be enriched by it.  Through collaboration, problem solving, creativity and cross-curricular experiences, students learn to have compassion for people with values that are different from their own and accept people for who they are.  This unit reflects the bigger themes in Romeo and Juliet and could be considered an analogy of that famous story.

Key Concepts:

  1. Create and discover a unique culture
  2. work collaboratively
  3. connect with each other and with another culture
  4. be open to learn that other perspectives are equally valuable

Key Messages:

  • think critically about daily interactions
  • the best communicator is not always clear to another
  • fighting involves more loss then you can predict
  • ask questions and really listen to understand from the other’s perspective
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