Developing an Empowering Perspective After Trauma

Developing an Empowering Perspective After Trauma

Inquiry: Can trauma give us perspective and motivation to make a difference in the world?

Workshop Description:
While examining the plight of modern refugees by living inside a story, participants are empowered to reflect on their own journeys of change and trauma. Experience various aspects in the process of change, such as making tough decisions, understanding another’s perspective, hope and being grateful. Coming in and out of role, reflecting and making connections, allows victims of trauma to learn new tools for dealing with life. Student voice, some from war-torn countries, will be shared through video clips and photos. Participants will have powerful activities they can take back to their classrooms to support students tomorrow.

Key Messages:

  1. Being a friend to someone in trauma is powerful
  2. Change is part of being human
  3. Change is stressful whether positive or negative
  4. We can make the difference

Major Benefits:

  • Increase empathy and compassion for others
  • Problem-solve collaboratively
  • Listen to and understand others
  • Develop awareness of own emotions and behaviors
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