Cultural Respect: Europeans Meet First Nations

Cultural Respect: Europeans Meet First Nations

Inquiry: How have the voices of people from past and present communities and civilizations been heard in Canada?

Workshop Description:
This dynamic, cross-curricular unit enables students to discover and develop an understanding of interrelationships within and between the natural environment and human communities. Through embodied learning, students experience the values and perspectives of two different cultures, the Europeans and the First Nations, about 500 years ago. Through these experiences, students gain an understanding of stereotyping and values as well as deepen their definition of respect.

Key Messages:

  1. Cultures have different ways of showing respect
  2. Values may be different but maybe not better
  3. Stereotyping happens in an instance
  4. We need to be open minded when meeting others

Major Benefits:

  • Become compassionate citizens
  • Develop humility
  • Cultivate understanding
  • Learn to collaborate meaningfully
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