Please Understand Me


Please Understand Me – Bullying from Different Perspectives

Inquiry Question: What is the perspective of the bully, the victim, the bystander?  What is our role when others are in potential danger?  How can we recognize character through body language?

Workshop Description: 
This insightful workshop, for teachers of grades 3 and up, gives teachers tools to enable their students to understand the body language and inner feelings of the victim, the bully and the bystander. These activities build empathy for another point of view.  Using a picture book as a provocation, you will explore and apply strategies for dealing with bullying situations, which you can use with your students.  We will focus on tableaux, hot seating and forum drama as well as powerful drama games to build empathy.  This is a practical workshop using Drama and Language Arts.  A handout of the student unit will be provided.

Key Messages

  1. To raise awareness of the dangers of bullying
  2. Recognizing a bully, a victim and a bystander through body language
  3. Understanding another person’s point of view is powerful
  4. Practical strategies to deal with a bullying situation

Major Benefits

  • Develop empathy by experiencing another point of view
  • Reflect in and out of role
  • Students write in role as the victim, the bully and the bystander
  • Learn and apply specific strategies for dealing with conflict
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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