Fun with Social Studies


Fun with Social Studies

Inquiry Question: How can we use drama strategies to bring the new social studies curriculum to life? 

Workshop Description:
Learn engaging strategies to bring the Social Studies, History and Geography Curriculum document to life. Have students experience and internalize perspective focusing on inquiry and drama strategies to inspire learning. Using the big ideas, teachers learn how to create inquiry-based programs using a variety of drama strategies such as hot seating, role-play, teacher in role and mantel of the expert. A handout and additional resources will be shared in this enjoyable and practical workshop.

Key Messages:

  • Inquiry and discovery are fun
  • Cross-curricular, inquiry based learning is natural for students
  • Drama is a strong hook
  • Collaboration, decision making and presentation skills are built in

Major Benefits:

  • Understand inquiry based learning
  • Know how to assess
  • Integrate drama as a key component
  • See openings for integrating other subjects
  • Begin planning a unit
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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