Living Inside a Story


Living Inside a Story

How can we think like the characters and really understand them? How do they connect to our lives?

Workshop Description:
Experience a story in “first person” through collaborative problem solving strategies, which deepen intrinsic learning. Prepare to have fun as we read, write and experience from inside a text. Questioning, perspective taking, inferring and making connections are Language Arts components we will be addressing. Different perspectives on bullying will be the focus of this workshop. Strategies can be applied to any text. Handouts provided.

Key Messages:

  1. Strengthen student focus in Language Arts
  2. Build cognitive capacity (problem solving, critical thinking, attention and working memory)
  3. Bring text to life
  4. Engage your students with novel comprehension strategies

Major Benefits:

  • Engage learners in higher-level thinking, inferring and making connections to text
  • Gain enriching strategies to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary building
  • Experience powerful student writing after living an experience
  • Increase students’ questioning techniques
  • Integrate multiple subjects under one theme
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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