Primary/Junior Workshops

Key Lessons from Fairytales – Kindergarten to 2

Inquiry: What lessons can fairytales provide for our students?

Workshop Description: Learn to develop student listening and problem-solving skills with each fairytale. Have them experience different perspectives. Using the inquiry method and strategies such as teacher in role, role on the wall, hot seating, generating questions and problem-solving, student work collaboratively in role towards a win/win solution. Examples of inquiry questions in different fairytales include, “How do you choose a good friend?” “Why are some people mean?” “What makes us feel frustrated?” “Who can you trust?” Experience this fun workshop and be ready with strategies you can teach tomorrow. Handout provided.

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Monster Problems to Solve – Problem Solving in Kindergarten to 1

Inquiry Questions: Why are some people mean?

Workshop Description:
This engaging workshop, for Kindergarten and Grade 1 educators, will give you tools to problem-solve with your students guiding them to a win/win solution. Using a fairytale, teachers experience the inquiry method and drama strategies such as teacher in role, hot seating, generating questions and problem solving with the goal of guiding your students to work collaboratively while embracing another’s point of view. This Language Arts and Drama workshop is designed to empower you to lead your students in collaborative problem solving strategies, which they can apply to their lives. A handout of the student unit will be provided.

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Move’n through Math: Dance and Math Fun – 1 to 6

Inquiry Question: How can we use movement to understand Math concepts such as transformational geometry, patterning, and symmetry?

Workshop Description:
This primary/junior workshop offers embodied learning strategies for students to experience their Math kinaesthetically. Learning through a child’s most innate ability- movement will allow the concepts to be internalized. This full mind and body experiential learning opportunity blends the elements of dance with the Ontario Math Curriculum. Join us as we explore novel ways to use math concepts such as reflections (flips), translations (slides), and rotations (turns), patterning and symmetry. Experience the creative process while crafting interesting movement sequences. This enjoyable workshop provides tools to use with your class the next day. Handout provided.

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What are they Thinking? – Experiencing Different Perspectives – Kindergarten to 8

Inquiry: How can we help our students improve their social/emotional skills and appreciate another perspective?

Workshop Description: (Workshops are tailored to grade level)
This hands-on workshop focuses on using big ideas to explore active literacy strategies, which deepen understanding and build empathy while inspiring inquisitive minds. Participants will experience various perspectives and defend their perspective within a story. A number of embodied learning strategies are used which build empathy and provide stimulus for rich discussion and writing. These cross-curricular bodies of work lend themselves to co-planning and co-teaching opportunities and work well to introduce participants to the richness of teaching through embodied learning. Discussions and written work experienced after these strategies are profound! Handout provided.

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