Monster Problems to Solve


Monster Problems to Solve – Problem Solving in Kindergarten and Grade 1

Inquiry Questions: Why are some people mean?

Workshop Description:
This engaging workshop, for Kindergarten and Grade 1 educators, will give you tools to problem-solve with your students guiding them to a win/win solution.  Using a fairytale, teachers experience the inquiry method and drama strategies such as teacher in role, hot seating, generating questions and problem solving with the goal of guiding your students to work collaboratively while embracing another’s point of view.  This Language Arts and Drama workshop is designed to empower you to lead your students in collaborative problem solving strategies, which they can apply to their lives.  A handout of the student unit will be provided.

Key Messages:

  1. We all have a point of view
  2. Understanding another person’s point of view is powerful
  3. The person you are frustrated with could become a your friend
  4. We can work together to bring about a win/win solution

Major Benefits:

  • Students develop empathy towards someone with a different point of view
  • Students generate authentic questions, retell and write in role
  • Students learn interviewing skills to gain information
  • Students work together to problem solve with others
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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