Key Lessons from Fairytales

Key Lessons from Fairytales

Inquiry: What lessons can fairytales provide for our students?

Workshop Description:
Learn to develop student listening and problem-solving skills with each fairytale. Have them experience different perspectives. Using the inquiry method and strategies such as teacher in role, role on the wall, hot seating, generating questions and problem-solving, student work collaboratively in role towards a win/win solution. Examples of inquiry questions in different fairytales include, “How do you choose a good friend?” “Why are some people mean?” “What makes us feel frustrated?” “Who can you trust?” Experience this fun workshop and be ready with strategies you can teach tomorrow. Handout provided.

Key Messages

  1. Listen to your inner voice
  2. Talk about a problem, rather than fight
  3. Think about a win/win solution
  4. Learn what makes someone trustworthy

Major Benefits

  • Become aware of emotions and behaviors
  • Build empathy
  • Listen to and understand others
  • Form connections with others
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