Move’n through Math: Dance and Math Fun

Move’n through Math: Dance and Math Fun

Inquiry Question: How can we use movement to understand Math concepts such as transformational geometry, patterning, and symmetry?

Workshop Description:
This primary/junior workshop offers embodied learning strategies for students to experience their Math kinaesthetically. Learning through a child’s most innate ability- movement will allow the concepts to be internalized. This full mind and body experiential learning opportunity blends the elements of dance with the Ontario Math Curriculum. Join us as we explore novel ways to use math concepts such as reflections (flips), translations (slides), and rotations (turns), patterning and symmetry. Experience the creative process while crafting interesting movement sequences. This enjoyable workshop provides tools to use with your class the next day. Handout provided.

Key Messages

  1. Working in groups feeds creativity
  2. Collaborating on a goal generates synergy
  3. Math concepts get solidified through movement experiences
  4. The creative process is essential to making/creating

Major Benefits

  • Collaborative experiences create appreciation of others
  • Everything can get resolved through communication
  • Sharing our creation and receiving feedback is supportive
  • Dance is a language
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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