What are they Thinking? – Experiencing Different Perspectives

What are they Thinking? – Experiencing Different Perspectives

Inquiry: How can we help our students improve their social/emotional skills and appreciate another perspective?

Workshop Description: (Workshops are tailored to grade level)
This hands-on workshop focuses on using big ideas to explore active literacy strategies, which deepen understanding and build empathy while inspiring inquisitive minds. Participants will experience various perspectives and defend their perspective within a story. A number of embodied learning strategies are used which build empathy and provide stimulus for rich discussion and writing. These cross-curricular bodies of work lend themselves to co-planning and co-teaching opportunities and work well to introduce participants to the richness of teaching through embodied learning. Discussions and written work experienced after these strategies are profound! Handout provided.

Key Messages

  1. Walking in the shoes of another is enlightening
  2. True empathy develops from experiencing another perspective
  3. Defending a perspective is easier in groups
  4. Even the smallest can stand up and do what is right

Major Benefits

  • Teach children empathy skills
  • Discussions are deep
  • Written work is thoughtful
  • The skills transfer to other areas of life
Turn around your school through embodied learning.
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