Meet Margaret

_MG_9106_5x7Margaret Boersma, OCT, is a creative educational consultant, coach, teaching artist, curriculum writer, thought leader and speaker, who is passionate about effecting a transformation in the education system by her innovative ‘first person learning’ approach to teaching.

With over 30 years experience teaching kindergarten to grade 8, Margaret is a life-long enthusiast of brain compatible strategies to engage students in a process of learning that incorporates ‘powerful personal expression’. Her methodology embeds social and emotional skills while enhancing the teacher and student communication synergy. This approach gets to the heart of how our students retain, relate and recreate themselves. The result is that students are empowered in their work, academic achievement escalates, powerful learning skills are adopted and students are compassionate citizens with a desire to make a difference.

Margaret conducts professional development workshops for teachers, programs for students and school-wide programs all across North America and Hong Kong. She specializes in writing cross-curricular units, theme-based teaching through inquiry and integrating the arts resulting in a transformative learning experience. Margaret’s mission is that every student connects with their teacher, is empowered to thrive academically and surpasses their own expectations.

Margaret is a powerful expression of making a difference and a life-long enthusiast of brain compatible strategies to engage students. Mentored by educational gurus like Eric Jensen and Dr. Sherry Kerr, currently working for James Catterall; Margaret takes her leadership to a new level of effectiveness and continuously strives to be in the forefront of what it takes to cause change for our future generation of leaders.

As the co-author of “Arts at the Heart-A Practical Guide to Dance and Drama in Elementary schools” and a curriculum writer for Rubicon Publishing, she continues to actively support educators. With every workshop, coaching session and program development, Margaret’s consulting expertise will drive results and surprising outcomes. It is the type of outcome that will excite and transform the way one relates to their teaching and relationship to students.

The depth of student conversation and insightfully profound writing that takes place after experiencing professional development with Margaret as your guide, leaves you with results that will forever change how a student embraces their education.